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What we're about

     This site is dedicated to all those who make a living, or try to make a living off of gratuity. TIPS stands for "to insure prompt service." If you provide this service and get nothing in return, usually all you can do is complain to your co-workers. Now you can complain to the world and expose those who take advantage of your hard work.


What's here

     Here you will find the Lousy Tipper Database and the Lousy Tipper Blog. Use the database to list all those who thought they could stiff you in anonymity. Use the Blog to tell the stories that make you laugh and sometimes cry.  Finally, please help spread the word. In the future we will be selling bumper stickers, business cards, and other items to let people know there is a consequence. In the meantime, if you would click on a few of the ads to the right, it would be greatly appreciated.


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What's New!

     The database search page is finally up. Now you can search for bad tippers by last name, city, state or all three. Happy hunting. Also, the tipping chart is up. Here we list many different types of service workers and the suggested tip amounts. Also, check out gas buddy above. Just insert your zip code and it will list the gas stations with the lowest gas prices in your area.


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What's a bad Tip?

     I've actually had a lot of customers ask me what's an appropriate tip. The answer is somewhat subjective but there are some general guidelines. For a waiter/waitress, never less than %15, unless the service is just awful. If the server is just totally rude and doing a bad job on purpose then it's appropriate to leave whatever you choose, although, you should leave a note or let someone know why your tip is so small. If the server does an excellent job, 20% or more is appropriate. I also take into account how much time the server spent running around to bring me stuff. For a delivery driver it's a little different. Drivers pay for their own gas and these days that aint cheap. If it's a small order, say under $10.00, a dollar is the minimum. However, two to three dollars is average. For larger orders, let's say over $10.00, $15% to 20% is customary. If the pizza or whatever gets there late, it's usually not the fault of the driver and he/she shouldn't be penalized. For guidelines on how much to tip other service workers, check out our new tipping chart, which list recommendations for all sorts of situations.


The Rules

     Ok, here are some ground rules that you MUST follow if you're going to use this site and post bad tippers on the database. No really old people. I know they're often terrible tippers, but they're old. They grew up in a time where a quarter really meant something, and they often live on a fixed income. So in my book and on my website they get a pass. Also, no handicapped people. Their life is rough enough and they too also usually live on a fixed income. Finally, no kids. We all know that parents often give kids the money to get the pizza at the door and the amount includes the tip but the kids pocket the extra and stiff the driver. This is wrong but they're kids and don't know any better. Besides, I did it a time or two when I was kid. Shame. Finally, if anybody else has an idea of an off limits person, please post it on the Lousy Blog or send it to me via email. All post are solely the representation of the poster and are not to be considered a statement by the lousytippers.com website or owners. Lousytippers.com has no way of verifying the truthfulness of any post. If you believe you were falsely accused of being a being a bad tipper, put your claim on the blog or send it to me via email. I will post your objection on the blog and if the original poster does not write a response verifying the info, within one week, I will delete your name from the Lousy Tipper database. Second chances are a wonderful thing.

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